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Smart city management: the formation of industrial land recycling mode system

In view of the lack of research on the formation of industrial land recycling model system in the planning of Yizhuang new town, Beijing Xingwang company has developed a smart green plan for asset management. Based on the construction of "smart city" in the development zone, it has formulated the...

Author:  Source:Beijing Xingwang industrial park co., LTD.2020.04.15

Beijing Pinggu Yuyuan Futao Township Creative Project: cultural and creative design to help poverty alleviation

In order to solve the problem of improving the quality and upgrading of agricultural products, promote the reform of the production and planting structure of rural farmers, and increase the income of farmers, the Fuhai culture of Shoushan in the Summer Palace and the peach culture of Pinggu Jinji...

Author:  Source:Yihe Pingtao project team2020.04.15

Bike sharing: reuse of waste resources

YUUE design studio, concerned about the large amount of waste in the bike-sharing industry, decided to use design as a tool to rediscover abandoned shared bikes and transform their parts into practical and beautiful furniture, which will be displayed on the streets of Berlin, Milan and Beijing. H...

Author:  Source:YUUE design studio2020.04.15

The White Pagoda community revitalizes the area through renovation

The White Pagoda Historical Preservation Zone is located in Xicheng District, Beijing, covering about 37 hectares, with approximately 16,000 registered residents. This place is mainly a residential area, which based on the traditional architectural form of Hutong-Siheyuan ( traditional building s...

Author:  Source:btsremade.org2020.04.15

A demonstration project of national energy Internet launched in Economic and technological development zone in Beijing – "Internet plus" to promote the reutilisation of industrial land

‘Internet plus’ project, the so-called smart energy (the Internet of energy), refers to a new form of development in energy industry, integrating the Internet into energy producing, transmission, storage, consummation, and energy market as well. The project has the main characteristics of equip...

Author:  Source:bdaltd2020.04.13

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Non plastic grain products put forward the concept of edible tableware to reduce white pollution

At present, most of the disposable plastic fast food boxes on the market are made of polystyrene raw materials extracted from petroleum plus foaming agent (Freon) by heating and foaming. Experiments show that polystyrene is a kind of carcinogenic environmental hormone substance, such tableware wi...

Author:  Source:Qingdao Taohuayuan Technology Co.,Ltd2020.04.13

Clear Plate program: "science and technology + public welfare + commerce" calls for environmental protection actions of the public

Clear Plate program is supported by Tsinghua x-lab-incubation center. It is a mobile application dedicated to alleviating food waste. After a meal, the user takes a picture with his / her mobile phone. After AI intelligent recognition, the successful empty dish will receive a positive energy poin...

Author:  Source:Vevolution Tech Co., Ltd2020.04.13

The Drung Nationality: National handicraft, hand-woven blanket helps poverty alleviation

Drung People mainly live on both sides of Dulong River Canyon in Yunnan Province. Gaoligong Mountain, 4000 meters above sea level, isolates Dulong River Canyon from the outside world. There are primitive forests throughout the valley. The total population of Drung People living there is about 700...

Author:  Source:China Promoting Minority Culture and Art Associati2020.04.03

FeiMaYi eco-friendly recycling: A paid garbage classification recycling platform based on intelligent hardware and Internet

In 2015, China's wasted textile production reached 40 million tons, but the reuse rate was less than 10%.  If those things had been incinerated, they would have generated a large amount of pollutants, including carbon dioxide, burning residual ash, etc. The leaching toxicity test of Pb and C...

Author:  Source:FeiMaYi Environmental Protection & Recovery2020.04.13

Shougang Group Industrial Park: Transformation and Reuse of Industrial Remains

The industrial park transformation of old factories is a transformation left behind by the industrial upgrading and transformation in the Shougang Group. Shougang Group was built in 1919. After it stopped manufacturing in 2011, the company has reoriented towards the industrial park its over...

Author:  Source:Shougang Group2020.04.13

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