“Creativity 2030”is coming

time:2019-08-14 15:51:00

After more than a year of planning, “Creativity 2030”, a series of new special editions focusing on how creativity promotes the realization of sustainable development goals in 2030, has been unveiled. The first volume of “Creativity 2030” - "Sustainable Cities and Communities" feature was officially released on the UNESCO International Centre for Creativity and Sustainable Development's official multilingual website (

"Creativity 2030" is a bilingual special edition produced by UNESCO's second category of centers in the field of "creativity and sustainable development", the International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (ICCSD), and strategically collaborating with France's Figaro Media Group. Focusing on the theme of “creativity, sustainable development, technology, and cities”, interpreting and presenting domestic and foreign research viewpoints and practical cases related to creativity and sustainable development from the creative dimension, so as to explore creative solutions and paths to common problems such as social, economic and environmental sustainable development, promote exchanges and mutual learning at home and abroad, and provide relevant research and decision-making for creativity to promote sustainable development support.

“Creativity 2030” will be presented to UNESCO and other international organizations, global creative cities, domestic and foreign research institutions in related fields, universities, social enterprises and so on.

At the beginning of the plan, each edition of “Creativity 2030” will focus on one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals for 2030 to bring together global wisdom and case studies to present the different brilliance of each theme from an innovative perspective.

The first volume of “Creativity 2030”, with the theme of “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, is based on the concept of “sustainability (resilience)”, which presents cities’ practical experience in more than 10 countries from different perspectives and in a pragmatic way to explore innovation and creativity.

"Sustainability (resilience)" refers to the construction of social ecology based on mutually beneficial and common therapeutic ecology, such as the "one belt and one road initiative": the global agenda accelerator "China's urban model". Among them, the "Views" column explains in depth the hard-to-define outline of "sustainability (resilience).

In addition, the first volume also presents articles on enlightenment pragmatism and intellectual power propositions, such as "the rights of the cities, the rights of others" and "perspectives: adaptability", to interpret the important role of creative strategies when emergencies or dangerous situations prevail in human space and social environment.

Of course, there are also plenty of urban practice cases, from African style to Mexico City Laboratory, from Guangren Project to Shanzhai City, creative practice around the world has brought more inspiration and enlightenment to readers.


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