"We Stand United to Fight the Epidemic" Peers and Experts at ICCSD Send Blessings for the Battle Against the Epidemic

time:2020-03-11 16:30:00

    At the start of the year, a virus raged. Tens of thousands of angels in white, sailing against the current and overcoming all difficulties, started an unprecedented defense battle in Hubei. China has adopted various effective measures to fight the epidemic, built a comprehensive multi-level prevention and control system, preventing the spread of the epidemic to the greatest extent. China's prevention and control might provide a good example for countries around the world.

    At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, peers and experts at the International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (ICCSD) recorded blessings to fight the epidemic, expressing sincere greetings and encouragement to all the people in the fight.

“Fight on, China. Join Forces, World”


Executive Director of ICCSD: Xiao Lan

    "New Year and the Spring Festival should have been a time for celebration, but China is going through a difficult time. We are fighting, we are working hard, we have hopes, and we are more confident. Unfortunately, this misfortune is spreading outside of China and the situation is dire. Same world, same fate. China will fight on as the world is united. History has proven that disasters will not stop the pace of human development, and we firmly believe that tomorrow will be better. Let’s fight together for a better future!"

"My niece is participating in the treatment of COVID-19 at the cabin hospital"

Ma Liangwei, Vice President of Beijing Academy of Urban Planning and Design

    "Hankou, Wuhan is my hometown and where my grandparents are living. My dad was born there and grew up there. Many of my uncles, aunts, my cousins are still there. Fortunately, no one is infected so far. One of my nieces, a doctor, is now participating in the rescue work at Wuhan’s cabin hospital. I wish them all the best! Today is a special day, February 14 (the day of recording), I hope that today is a turning point, that the epidemic will soon pass, and that our society will recover soon. All the best to Wuhan! Thank you."

“We share the same sky.”

Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Executive Director of International Association for Aesthetics   Liu Yuedi

    "Now, not only do we need the right time and right place, but also the people and the cooperation of the Chinese, because we share the same sky. Wuhan, fight on!"


"They're sacrificing for the rest of us” 

Mehri Madarshahi (Canada)

 A Member of Advisory Board of ICCSD", a UNESCO category 2 Center in Beijing, a Member of the Board of the Himalaya Museum in Shanghai and as the Executive Director of I.M. Pei Foundation in Hong Kong and New York

     "Hello, this is a message from Mehri Madarshahi. I’ m living in Paris, but often think of China and I should say my heart, in these days, and hearing about the tragedy which is going on in China is that people of China, people of Wuhan, and those that they are sacrificing their freedom and pleasure for the rest of us in the entire world. I certainly hope that this will be a very short-term problem. And soon we can see you again, big smile on your face and happiness in your heart. My best love and regards to all of you, and I hope this tragedy will be over, very very soon. Take care. Thank you!"


"Be assured you're always in our hearts”

Hans d’Orville (Germany)

President of Advisory Board of  ICCSD

Special Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO

    "Hello, dear friends in China, in this trying times, which are overshadowing periods of peace and happiness, which normally what have been celebrated during the New Year and lands of Festival. You need to curb and focus on a malicious virus we call it covid 19. All our love, all our empathy, all our compassion is with the people of China, and with the other cities, fabulous cities and regions, and above all this Wuhan, and its citizens which is the epicenter of this new epidemic. We hope that all your efforts will succeed and soon the virus can be contained and all of us can return back to normal life. Please be assured that you are always in our hearts, we think of you and we try to assist you to the best of our ability. This is Hans d'Orville, former UNESCO Assistant Director-General,fromParis. "  


“My heart is in China”

Dr. Richard Leaver (Britain)

Cambridge Business School Ignite Program Mentor

Visiting professor, Department of industrial design, Beijing University of science and technology

     "Hello,My name is Professor Richard Leaver, I’m from Cambridge. I’m thinking all my friends in China and support everybody fighting the covid virus. China is my second home, and I’m thinking of you all. We all stand together; we are all friends.We are friends. Good Luck !"


"Proud to live in China today”

 Yann Debelle de Montby(France)

A Member of Advisory Board of ICCSD

     "In this new year full of promises,the virus has brought fear to the world. I want to say that all the people in China always welcome me so warmly and so generously, and they have all my sympathy during this very difficult moment. Together we will eradicate this virus. Of course, lots of my warm thoughts go to the people in Wuhan who’re graciously fighting day after day. To all of them, to the doctor, the nurse the family, and all the citizen in Wuhan. I really want to thank you for your amazing commitment. You have all my moral support and once more I really want to say that you make me extremely proud to live in China today. "                                                                                                                                                       





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