China's 5G development reports marked progress despite COVID-19 disruptions

time:2020-04-30 18:18:00

China's 5G development has achieved marked progress despite the disruptions brought by the COVID-19 outbreak, contributing to epidemic containment and production resumption, the country's industry regulator said Thursday.

China's 5G sector has been developing at a fast clip since it greenlighted 5G commercial use last June, with over 198,000 5G base stations built by the end of March, said Wen Ku, an official with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at a press conference.

A string of 5G applications have also been put into use, Wen said, adding that since the beginning of the epidemic, the country has seen faster and more extensive use of 5G in areas such as medical care, education and remote work.

Wen said 5G was a key driver of the digital economy and has played an important role in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption and facilitating industrial upgrading amid the epidemic.

While ensuring epidemic prevention and control, the country also pledged to advance 5G network construction, capitalize on 5G to promote information consumption and extend 5G services and applications from individual to corporate customers.  (Xinhua)


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