An online activity "Creativity 2030 Forum - ' Urban Governance after Pandemic'" held by ICCSD under the auspices of UNESCO

time:2020-06-02 12:21:00

In early 2020, the COVID-19 came in a sudden. COVID-19 is a common concern not only for China, but also for billions of people in more than 100 countries around the world. From January to May, awareness of COVID-19 is growing, and prevention-and-control measures are tailored to different local conditions. On this occasion, International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO (ICCSD) held an online activity of "Creativity 2030 Forum" in May, inviting experts and scholars from home and abroad to focus on the theme of " Urban Governance After Pandemic" in order to realize healthy, safe, and sustainable urban development.

“The Creativity 2030 Forum” is an annual key event of ICCSD, focusing on topical issues in the field of creativity and sustainability. It provides interaction, case sharing and joint action planning for the future for participating cities, business leaders and innovators.

Xiao Lan, Executive Director of ICCSD, made an opening speech at the forum. He said that it is of great significance to hold the forum to focus on urban governance and discuss the new development model, new development space and new development direction of future urban governance in the context of sustainable development. "China is an early mover in unveiling of the model of urban governance and also a country that has made rapid recovery. At present, we have gradually planned to resume production and face the future." Xiao Lan said.

Xiao Lan believes that the three pillars of science and technology, education, and culture are of great value to the social operation, production and life. Scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field of life and health have played an important role in the fight against COVID-19, bringing people a sense of security, health, and a return to a normal life. Therefore, creativity was born under the pandemic, bringing new models and changes, as well as huge new challenges and opportunities in the future. We hope that through this activity, we can discuss this issue together to promote more practices, and lead people into a better post-pandemic life. “In short, the pandemic will pass, and there will be a turn for a better future."

During the event, experts and scholars from home and abroad shared views on the topics, such as international cooperation and economic outlook after the pandemic, as well as urban planning, urban brand and communication, community governance, smart city and circular economy, cultural industry, environmental protection and integration of industry and city.


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