International Cooperation and Economic Prospects after Pandemic

time:2020-06-02 12:36:00

May, 2020, the online activity “Creative 2030 Forum” hosted by International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO was underway. At the forum, Hans d’Orville, Chairman of Advisory Committee of ICCSD, Former Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning of UNESCO and Mehri Madarshahi, Member of the Advisory Committee of ICCSD, President of Global Cultural Networks proposed their ideas and advice on the theme of “International Cooperation and Economic Prospects after Pandemic”.

What will we facing in the post-pandemic era?

“What did the pandemic bring? What should we do in the post-pandemic era?” Hans said. Mehri said the pandemic has pushed us into a new era. How should we develop? This new situation including politics, employment, trade, new technology and genuine field, is a world that exerts collective wisdom and innovation through science, medical treatment, vaccines and treatment.

Mehri said what’s annoying is that this will hinder the development of renewable energy, which is one of the main tasks of the Paris Conference on Climate Change in 2015. Hans emphasized that without rapid and effective international cooperation, the world will face greater danger.

International Cooperation and Economic Prospects after Pandemic

Mehri put forward: First, before the death rate is controlled, do not give up the blockade, greatly enhance the ability to detect, track, isolate and treat people. “We must spare no effort in investing in the development, production and use of new vaccines.” On the other hand, Mehri said that the International Monetary Fund strongly urged countries not to turn to protectionism.

“Here and now, people who care about the future of the world need to present their time and intelligence”. Hans said, “We need new thinking. For example, we have seen the important role of artificial intelligence in helping China and other places to fight against the pandemic. Perhaps we should consider the year of 2020 as 'the Global Year of Creativity' and reposition these 17 sustainable development goals. Finally, Mehri said that the most important thing is that human beings must try to reform social, political and economic norms, "For the future and for our generations, we must strive to create a better world."


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