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“New Crafts Movement” Lead the development of traditional craft innovation

time:2017-07-04 14:51:00

After waiting for a long time China's traditional craft industry has finally embarked on national strength to revitalize industry major layout today. Chinese Traditional Craft Revitalization Plans has released. The release of the plan sparked a rousing response in the craftsmen of traditional handicrafts, and also let "New Crafts Movement", which was originated in Suzhou in the past two years, attracted the attention of the design community once again.

The "International New Handicraft Special exhibition", which was unveiled at the 2016 Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo, attracts many people's attention.

Starting from Suzhou, and collecting traditional handicraft skill

In November 2014, Suzhou was approved as a "city of handicraft and folk art" theme city by UNESCO, and joined the "global Creative City Network". But in more than 3,000 arts and crafts varieties in Suzhou, there are many varieties that follow the beaten track. Is it possible for Suzhou to gain an international perspective and achieve the development of traditional handicraft through the platform of the global Creative City network?

In this context, in March 2015, Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo and Yang Design jointly launched "New Crafts Movement". The project is based on Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo, starting from Suzhou, the national radiation. It is aimed at combining traditional handicraft with contemporary international design concept and brand innovation system. Let the innovative products come from the traditional craft to obtain the better development in the future market by rediscovering, rethinking, and redesigning. Make people feel personalized and high quality life aesthetics when using these innovative traditional craft products.

After more than two years of efforts to promote, Yang Mingjie bluntly: "The effect exceeded expectations." These innovative products designed by the team are exhibited at Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo and other domestic exhibitions and have received a very good response in London "100% Design", Italy Milan Design Exhibition, and Japan Gift Show and other design exhibitions.

What makes Yang Mingjie happy is that the "new Handicraft movement" has a positive effect on the entire traditional handicraft industry. "After the cooperation, Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute has also made some innovative screen design itself, comparing the original mahogany appearance; product image has a pretty big change. Many craftsmen who used to work in traditional crafts were also influenced and inspired by the project. "


It is worth mentioning that in June of this year, the "New Handicraft Research Institute", which was set up by the organizing committee of Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo and the Yang Design Consultant organization, will be opened formally. The institute is located at the northern end of the ancient canal along the old city of Suzhou. New craft Museum will be open synchronization, and display manual creation materials, finished products and the whole development design process which from all over the world. Products related to all aspects of life.


"If a country has a design that affects the world, its design must be based on the country's local industrial structure and strong culture. China's culture and traditional crafts have very strong accumulation, but I don't want to do what's called ' New Chinese ' stuff". Yang Mingjie Hope Research Institute "study the Chinese People's life style and aesthetic fundamentally, dig behind the philosophy of life, transform and design modern products with the skill of traditional creation." The Institute is based on the innovative practice of new handicraft projects in recent years.


Making progress plans, leading innovative development of crafts

To promote the innovation and development of "new handicraft movement" in a more orderly way, and after nearly two years of project preparation and experience accumulation, the organizing committee of Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo has formulated a series of promotion plans. Gradually formed cities that are international and advanced and various creative groups with Suzhou as the leading and demonstration.


According to the director of Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo Organizing Committee, during the sixth session, the national "new Handicraft Movement" alliance will be officially landed in Suzhou and invite more than 100 original designers and technicians from all over the country to serve as the co-founder of the alliance to let creative resources is gathered in Suzhou. Eleven cities have become the "new Handicraft Alliance City", including Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai, etc. Every city has design universities and experienced industrial design firms in.

At the same time, we held first 2017 "New Craft Movement" international invitational exhibition (10000 meters) at the sixth session of the "Life Aesthetics" exhibition in Suzhou. The first 2017 "New Craft Movement" international exhibition will also be held and invite famous people which are from design, technology, fashion area to hold a one-day series of lectures. In the meantime, we also named the first national "New Craft Movement" award.

In addition, set up an alliance online work platform "See the Carpenter" on the "New Craft Movement". In the process of Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo in-depth interview with designers from all walks of life, provided daily information exchange, interaction, resource integration and industrial cooperation of media services for alliance members. The platform has been in operation since October 2016, at present, the main content, thereafter will gradually launch the operating platform. 

It is reported that in the future, the "New Craft Movement" shows not only the representative and influential works of the year in China during Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo, but also the trans-regional and international exchanges and provide a long-term and sustained source of motivation for trading up. And will also compile the publication of the national "New Craft Movement" alliance co-founder works, build "New Craft Movement" creates guest commune, organize national "new craft movement" conference, build "New Craft Movement" development fund and others. And will lead the traditional process to revitalize the development.

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